Futuristic International Inc (FII) supplies (but not limited to) various below listed products to our customers:

AMPLIFIERS: MMICs, GaAs, Coaxial, Waveguide, low noise & power amplifiers in the range DC - 50 GHz, Charge sensitive pre-amplifiers.

ATTENUATOR: Voltage & Digitally controlled attenuators, Fixed attenuator, waveguide attenuator in the range DC - 50 GHz.
CAPACITORS & INDUCTORS:  MLCC chip capacitors, Air core, tunable & fixed inductors, wide band RF transformers.
CONNECTORS & CABLE ASSEMBLIES: SMA, N, TNC, BNC, DBAS, NPT, Fiber optics connectors, K connectors & cable cable assemblies in the range DC - 40 GHz.

DIE: Silicon read-out dies, CCD line sensor dies

DIODES: Laser diode, Varactor, Schottky, PIN, Gunn diodes.

ELECTRO-MECH COMPONENTS: MIL & Space grade motors, blowers, linear & rotary actuators, accelerometers, RVT’s & RVDT’s, resolvers, synchros for MIL & Aero-space.
FILTERS: SAW, Coaxial, cavity, waveguide, optical filter, Dichroic filter, Band pass, Band reject, Narrow band pass filters .
LASER: Laser sources, LIDT, Laser diode driver/controller, Laser fiber.

MECHANICAL: Manual ball valves, customized valves, sensor socket assembly, ZIF Sockets.
METALLIZED PRODUCTS: Cr-Au, Cr-Cu-Au, TiW-Au-Ni-Au metallized alumina substrates, Cr-Au metallized fused silica diaphragm.
MOTION CONTROL: Actuators, Multi-Axis Stages, Nanopositioners, Hexapods, Minature Stages, Motors, Motion Controllers, Piezo Systems. 
MISCELLANEOUS: EMI/EMC gasket, shielding materials, microwave absorbers, hydrogen getter, moisture getter, optical fiber.
OPTICAL COMPONENTS: Optical table, optical mirrors, optical mounts, optical lenses, filters, fabrication of optical glass,
PCB MATERIALS: Copper Clad Laminates die-electric constant up to 10, Duroid material
PHOTOMASK: Chrome photomask blanks using substrate of Soda lime, Borosilicate, White crown, Quartz.
POWER DIVIDERS: Couplers, hybrids, power dividers/combiners in surface mount, connectorised, PC mount, wave- guide in the range DC - 100 GHz.

SOLDER MATERIAL: Au based solder alloys, Sn-Pb-Ag, Lead free solder material, Solder paste.
SPUTTERING TARGETS: High purity sputtering targets of Au, Cu, BST, V, W, SiC, C, La, etc.

SWITCHES: MMIC, GaAs, PIN diode, Coaxial, Waveguide in the range DC - 110 GHz.
TEST & MEASURING INSTRUMENTS: Optical power meters, laser/LED source, return loss meter,  RF power meter, automatic inspection system, autocollimator, profile projector.

Above list only represents only few of the items we source for our customers. We are known for sourcing very specific high end items and complex custom solutions that meet our customers specifications and their production timeline.