At Futuristic International Inc (FII) we are committed to providing high technology, innovative and cutting edge solutions to our esteemed Customers that include both Public as well as Private entities within India. Along with this we offer seamless way to do business with India to our globally located Principals (OEM) as we are based in USA. This offers our Principals (OEM) access to one of the fastest growing economy in the world along with the ease of doing business with local Company. This is just one of the value added proposition we have in place for both our esteemed Customers and Principals (OEM) along with many others that dramatically reduces Principal's (OEM) marketing costs by doing direct marketing to target Customers along with providing services locally.

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We especially welcome challenging, complex, customized solution requirements.

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We offer to our Principals (OEM):

Simplicity of doing business with US based Company thereby eliminating the complexities at the same time have access to our office staff/partners within India that support the local operations. Click here for more details

We are always actively seeking distribution/representation opportunities from USA/Europe in areas of:

Optics, Aerospace, Laser, and Electronics

for supply to India.

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